Haxogreen 2020 / 2021 Update

Dear fellow HaxoGreenists,

As you know, a reinforced orga-team with strong support from Saarland/HackSaar has been working for a while on HaxoGreen2020!

Preparations were progressing well, when suddenly, something bigger got in our way: Covid-19, with all its restrictions, has fully hit us.

But, hey, wait: we wouldn’t be hackers if we could not take a broken thing and turn it into something better! In our latest orga-team meeting, we decided that Haxogreen 2020 will become the greatest HaxoGreen ever, and that we will beat Covid-19 in a hacker way!

Big words, will you say! How will we keep our promise? We decided for a 3-stage approach to our goal:

Stage 1: Haxogreen 2020. Due to local regulations, and our responsibility for public health, we have to move the gathering in Dudelange from 2020 to 2021. So there will be a HaxoGreen 2021, Internet of Trees! We have already booked the usual campsite from Thursday 29.07.2021 until Sunday 01.08.2021! Even better: Your 2020 tickets stay valid for 2021!

What, no Haxogreen this year?! Impossible! This is why we have planned for
Stage 2: we decided to transform HG2020 into a virtual event during the initially planned time period. As there are no space limitations, the event will be for free for everybody, so you can also invite your friends. The virtual HG2020 will be the biggest HG ever! We’re asking you for funny, creative, entertaining solutions to “virtually camp” with us. Put up your tent in the garden, on your balcony, in your living room or on top of your bed, set up a hammock, build a shack like when you were a kid, etc… be creative, let’s make it a challenge for the best solution.

So we will have a virtual HaxoGreen this year and our real HaxoGreen a year later! What else can we do for stage 3 then?

Stage 3: Be prepared to join HaxoGreen 2022! Because hackers don’t like odd numbers, we will ignore the rule to have HaxoGreen only every second year. That means we will reset our cycle in 2022!

In essence, we will have three consecutive HaxoGreens in a row. That’s how we beat that virus!

We are currently working out the many details on this new setup, with great enthusiasm. We will keep you posted, please check our emails and our Wiki regularly. Please check the FAQ below, where we have summarized some answers to common questions.

Stay healthy and upbeat!

Your HaxoGreen orga team.


Why do we have to cancel?

Two weeks ago the Luxembourgish government announced the prohibition of public events until at least the 31st of July. If you are doing the maths correctly, you will for sure see that this turns our plans down, since HaxoGreen 2020 was supposed to happen from 29. July to 03. August. But the government decision is not the only thing to consider. We think that the severe threat to the public health we are seeing these days is worth cancelling a summer event with a lot of attendees anyway.

What happens to my tickets for HaxoGreen 2020?

Any ticket issued for HaxoGreen 2020 will become valid for Haxogreen 2021. Keep in mind: a lot of other events were moved to 2021, so please check your holiday planning 😉 Some of you may want to cancel your tickets, which is possible for free. If you want to request a refund, please drop us an email to tickets@haxogreen.lu . Your ticket will then become available to a person on our waiting list. In case you paid via Credit Card using Stripe, your ticket will be refunded to your Credit Card. In case you paid using bank transfer, please include your bank account number in your email in order to issue the refunds.

How can I join the virtual HaxoGreen 2020?

The Orga-Team will provide several virtual rooms in video conferencing systems. We are still working out the best possible solution, avoiding commercial servers and software. More Information will be published on our Website. Do not forget to invite your friends, no registrations are needed, participation is free, and of course we are happy for every contribution!

I registered a presentation on Pretalx, what happens to it?

This CFP is valid for HG 2021, so your registered talk is scheduled for next year. We will keep the CFP open and set the deadline in Pretalx to May 31, 2021. Hopefully you come up with a lot of interesting talks and workshops there.

There will be no CFP for virtual HG2020, but we kindly invite you to make nice projects as self-organized-sessions and hold some talks. The Orga-Team will schedule these talks for you to achieve the least possible overlaps. Register your self-organized sessions in the wiki so we can set up some virtual rooms for you. Details on the organization of the virtual sessions will follow, for example: people can come together working on 3D-Printings or learn to use OBS for streaming or for making video calls funnier and feature-rich.