HaxoGreen a.s.b.l.

After the 5th edition of our summer camp for hackers, HaxoGreen became big enough to run as its own spin-off of the syn2cat a.s.b.l.. Hence on September 20th of 2016, we, a few members of the HaxoGreen 2016 staff, decided to create the HaxoGreen NPO (RCS Luxembourg Immatriculation: F10967).

The only goal of the NPO is to organize the HaxoGreen summer camp. Currently hosted every 2 years, the camp attracts hackers from all over the world with our main focusing on Luxembourg and its greater region. In the past HaxoGreen has also attracted people from the US, the UK, Poland and Russia.

We hope that this NPO will allow us to gather more staff who will help us grow the camp in order to be able to accept more attendees 🙂 (We’ll post an update on how to become a member later *promised*)